About us

Our Story

While we explained to a friend which side of the face he should apply which cream to, his girlfriend got a lot of products from the bathroom to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the respective packaging with us. After an intensive development phase, we had reached the end of a series of promising user tests. But how did we end up there?

During a casual conversation in the park twelve months earlier, we found that we were dealing with the same as many other men. It is also our goal to look well-groomed at all ages, to be sporty, to meet the demands of work and to be entertaining and reliable friends and partners. But most of the products that we have used so far to supposedly do something good for our skin and our body did not do what we expected them to do. Driven by our own dissatisfaction with the products, we started to deal with the active ingredients of creams and nutritional supplements.

"there has to be another way"

During our research, we found that most of the products from conventional manufacturers did not always deliver what they promised in terms of compatibility and effectiveness. It didn't matter which price range we were looking at. Whether nutritional supplements contaminated with pollutants, creams with ingredients that are suspected to be carcinogenic, or facial cleansers that cause a tense feeling on the skin - unfortunately, we always found at least one of the above.

You are the sum of your decisions. We are convinced that feeling good and performing is an active decision and is influenced by everyday behavior. That is why it made sense for us to research on the science behind ingredients and their mode of action and consequently to develop products under the YUNOS brand that represent an alternative to the existing range.

Wellbeing Partner

YUNOS is all about men's daily challenges. Our holistic product range supports men to feel comfortable in their skin. We are not only concerned with the external appearance, but also with the inner well-being. Our clean performance concept is the consequent implementation of it. We make no compromises when it comes to the safety of the ingredients, their dosage and quality assurance.

Even if at first glance it is "only" creams and nutritional supplements, we hope that the use of the care products will be a pleasant experience for our customers, that the effectiveness of all products will convince them and have a positive impact on their everyday life.

Mischa and Moritz, Founders of YUNOS