Our aim is to offer you the best possible products. That is why we developed the Clean-Performance concept.

What is the concept?

CLEAN means that we deliberately avoid all ingredients that are suspected of being harmful. Our care products do not include parabens, silicones, PEGs and synthetic fragrances. Our care products are also free from animal testing. Our dietary supplements are manufactured without genetic engineering and we ensure through additional laboratory tests that the ingredients are not contaminated. All products are made exclusively in Germany and are vegan.

PERFORMANCE means that we use high-quality ingredients in a dosage that has been proven to have an effect. The ingredients and their dosage are tailored to the needs of men and are based on a scientific approach. We combine the best of conventional and natural ingredients. Bearing in mind that synthetic ingredients can be harmless, just like natural ingredients can be harmful. Therefore, we rely on ingredients that are highly effective and at the same time harmless.

We don't compromise. On our product pages we inform you transparently about the respective ingredients. For further questions about the ingredients, our employees are available in the chat.

Skin Care Products

The manufacturers of our clean performance products and their suppliers have confirmed to us that they do not carry out animal experiments or have them carried out by third parties, neither for product development nor for the finished product and its individual components.
Parabens are inexpensive preservatives of synthetic origin, which are intended to make care products last longer. However, some parabens are suspected of causing hormonal imbalances and promoting infertility.
Polyethylene glycols are used as emulsifiers to improve the combination of water and oil and thus the consistency of care products. At the same time, they make the skin more permeable to carcinogenic and allergic substances.
Silicones are synthetic mineral oil products that give the skin a pleasantly smooth feeling in the short term, but in the long term they close the pores, make breathing difficult and permanently damage the skin. Some silicones are also suspected of disrupting the hormonal balance.
Sulphates are salts of sulfuric acid with a cleansing and foaming effect. However, they not only remove dirt, they also attack the protective lipid layer of the skin, which can lead to dryness and skin irritation.
Phthalates are plasticizers that are absorbed by the skin and can get into the body in relevant quantities. They are suspected of disrupting the hormonal balance and promoting infertility. They are also said to have carcinogenic effects.
Some synthetic fragrances have such a high allergy and irritant potential that they can trigger skin reactions in the form of flaky, reddened or itchy skin as well as blemishes even in non-allergy sufferers.
The chemicals DEA, MEA and TEA are intended to regulate the pH values of the products and ensure a rich texture. However, there is a risk of contamination by nitrosamines, which are considered to be potentially carcinogenic even in low concentrations.


Our ingredients and additives are free from genetically modified organisms. Processing aids must not have been produced by genetically modified organisms.
As a result of environmental contamination, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic can get into food. Through rigorous laboratory tests, we ensure that our products are free of toxic contaminants.
No animal products or partial products are used in the manufacture and development of our products.
Our products are tested for germ contamination in the laboratory to ensure their quality and safety.