Performance. Made in Germany.

Performance. Made in Germany.

In times of globalization, products from all over the world can be bought on the Internet and this is supposed to be very cheap. But can these products really live up to your needs? With cosmetics or supplements in particular, you want to know what ingredients are in your products and whether they are well tolerated.

In order to protect customers from low-quality goods and to simplify the purchase decision, more and more companies are using the "Made-in-Country" label. According to Statista surveys, the "Made in Germany" label reached number 1 in the "Made-In-Country Index". This means that the “Made in Germany” label is regarded as the highest seal of quality worldwide. Switzerland took second place, followed by the European Union in third place. "Made in the USA" only came in 10th place.

"Made in Germany" stands for innovative products and high quality. The strict legal regulations in Germany guarantee precisely defined standards. Since the German manufacturers attach great importance to high-quality products that sustainably strengthen both customer satisfaction and the company's image, the internal quality assurance measures often go beyond the legal requirements.

Quality assurance through regular controls

Food supplements must be reported to the authorities before they are placed on the market. This ensures that no products with banned or harmful ingredients come onto the market.
Dietary supplements are there to supplement the general diet, which is often inadequate in terms of nutritional value. Therefore, these products are subject to the same strict controls as conventional foods. Compliance with the food law regulations is monitored and monitored by the authorities of the respective federal state.

With cosmetic products, the legislator stipulates that these are safe to use and must therefore be checked by experts before they are sold. Aspects to be checked include the compatibility and durability of the products.

Cosmetic products that have already been placed on the market are continuously examined by the authorities of the respective federal state on a random basis. The samples are taken from the trade or directly from the respective manufacturer or importer. The method of production is checked in the course of site visits, and documents relating to good manufacturing practice and safety are also inspected and checked.

A nationwide ban on animal testing has been in force since 2013, which prohibits manufacturers from testing their products or ingredients on experimental animals for their effectiveness or tolerance. With this legal regulation, consumers can be sure with articles produced in Germany that no animal suffering has been caused for the manufacture of the products.

Excellent quality is a strong selling point, if not the selling point at all.
So that the quality of the products also corresponds to the desired level in the long term, the products are not only checked by the authorities, but the manufacturers also have the quality monitored regularly on their own initiative by laboratory technicians.

Cosmetics and food supplements are subject to strict labeling requirements in Germany, so that no ingredients can be concealed from the consumer. All ingredients are listed according to their weight percentage according to decreasing amount. This means that every consumer can rely on the information and no unpleasant surprises await him, which can have dire consequences, especially in the case of allergies or intolerances.

Germany in the top 10 most innovative countries

In addition to quality, creative innovations also play a very important role. According to the Global Innovation Index, Germany makes it into the top 10 most innovative countries worldwide.

This is one of the reasons why natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The manufacturers respond to the high demand for products without synthetic additives with many innovative, highly effective cosmetic products that consist only of natural ingredients and do not contain parabens or mineral oil derivatives.

Innovation meets quality, because the products are already microbiologically examined and dermatologically tested in the innovation phase.

Various requirements, legal regulations, their monitoring and companies' own commitment to quality assurance serve to protect consumers and ensure the good reputation of German goods. In addition to quality, there is innovation. These two cornerstones provide convincing arguments for choosing a product with the "Made in Germany" label on both national and international markets.