Can I Turn Fat Into Muscle?

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Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can't make a pear out of an apple. The goal should be to get rid of the fat and build muscle. We'll tell you here whether that works at the same time:

Get Rid of Fat

In order to lose fat, you need to have a negative energy balance. This means that the body takes in fewer calories than it burns. This forces him to go to his reserves - the fat disappears. Because the body now wants to save energy, it also breaks down all unnecessary calorie guzzlers. In the Stone Age, this was a smart survival strategy, as it allowed humans to survive longer with fewer calories.

Nowadays, this effect is more damaging to us, because muscles unfortunately belong to the unnecessary calorie guzzlers - especially when they are rarely used. With a negative energy balance, your muscles are therefore broken down. You can counteract this unwanted muscle breakdown by:

  • Strength training 2-3 times a week: With strength training, let your body understand that it urgently needs its muscles.
  • Protein rich diet: Make sure you have enough protein in your diet so that the most important building blocks for muscles are available. We recommend 1–1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight, of which 20 grams immediately after training; For example, quark with fruits, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese or protein shakes.
  • Keep calorie deficit small: Keep your calorie deficit low when losing fat (250-500 calories per day). That way, your body won't go into famine and your muscles will be spared. Stay away from crash diets to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Muscle Building

When building muscle, the body should gain mass. In addition to intensive training, this requires a positive energy balance as well as an adequate supply of proteins. But so that you mainly gain muscle mass and not fat, the following also applies here: an excess of 300-600 calories is enough to build muscle. If the excess is higher, more fat is built up.

Fat Loss and Muscle Building: Is It Not Possible At The Same Time?

Here's the problem: As you've probably noticed, the whole thing is a bit contradicting. There are experts who classify muscle building and fat loss at the same time as not possible. Others say that with adequate protein intake, muscles can be built even with a slight calorie deficit.

It's best to set your own priority and focus on it. Once you have reached the first stage, for example losing fat, you change your goal and start building muscle. A good side effect: with a lower body fat percentage, you automatically appear much more muscular.

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