Facial Care For Men

Gesichtspflege für Männer

Yes, men's skin also needs care. More and more men have come to realize this in recent years. While in 2014, only 35 percent used facial care products and skin creams for men, in 2018, it was already more than 40 percent. Facial care is a topic that interests many men and, at the same time, raises questions. Here you will find the answers and valuable tips for your facial care.

  • Why is facial care so important?
  • What is the difference between men's and women's skin?
  • Do men even need facial care?? 
  • What skin types are there?
  • What is good for men's skin?
  • Which ingredients belong in good men's care products?
  • Should you put lotion on your face every day?
  • Anti-aging tips for men

Why is facial care so important?

Did you know that the skin is your largest organ and that it contributes significantly to your well-being? It regulates your body temperature and the water-electrolyte balance and serves as a barrier against pathogens and harmful environmental influences. Our environment has changed significantly in the last few decades and presents your sensitive facial skin with entirely new challenges. Factors like pollution, processed foods, and increased everyday stress put a strain on your skin. Climate change and increased UV radiation also have detrimental effects. You are not powerless against this. With high-quality facial care for men, you protect your skin and support it in its function over the long term. 

The following two examples show you the consequences of inadequate facial care and how you can prevent them:

Dry skin:

Your skin contains natural substances that bind moisture and keep it elastic and supple. However, extreme temperatures, exposure to the sun, poor nutrition, and many other factors disrupt the skin's oil and moisture regulation. Advancing age also restricts normal function. As a result, the skin becomes rough and cracked. It is tight, itchy, and prone to eczema.. 

With a face cream for men that moisturizes your skin and strengthens the skin's protective barrier, you can counteract dry skin. 

Blemished skin: 

Men's skin tends to be oily because testosterone, the male sex hormone, stimulates the skin's sebum glands. In addition, air pollution is believed to increase sebum production. However, too much sebum clogs the pores and promotes impurities. 

With a thorough facial cleansing, you can actively prevent skin blemishes. Good face cream for men also soothes your skin and protects it from inflammatory processes.

The benefits of good facial care are apparent. On top of that, you look healthier and fresher with well-groomed skin, which positively affects your attractiveness. This makes it worth investing in good facial care.

Difference between men's and women's skin

Is there anything else to consider when it comes to facial care for men? Yes, because the skin structure of men and women shows gender-specific, hormonal differences that make special face care essential for men. Here you can find out which factors make the difference and what you should pay attention to as a man regarding skincare. 

  • Moisture content: Female skin is thinner and finer-pored than male skin, and it also tends to be drier. As a rule, men's skin ages later than women's skin, but then more. Men who provide their skin with sufficient moisture actively counteract the increasing loss of moisture.
  • Sebum content: Male skin has twice as high a sebum content as female skin, which does not decrease with age. It has larger pores, is oily, and has a greater tendency to blemish. Therefore, highly fatty creams that women use to give their skin a helping hand are not recommended for men.
  • pH value: There are also differences in the pH of the skin. With a pH below 5.0, the skin surface of men is more acidic than that of women. A sturdy protective acid mantle protects men's skin from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Aggressive cleaning products that destroy this natural protection have no place on the skin. A good facial cleanser for men cleanses thoroughly but gently.
  • Strength: Men's skin is 15 to 20 percent thicker than women's skin. Because men’s connective tissue fibers are networked and interwoven, men’s skin is more firm and resilient. It, therefore, usually forms wrinkles later than the female skin. But once the wrinkles are there, they are often more pronounced. Good UV protection and effective anti-aging care slow down the aging process. 
  • Hair growth: Pronounced hairiness is also typically masculine. Shaving up to 30,000 beard hairs every day puts a strain on male facial skin. Sharp blades leave tiny injuries and attack the protective acid mantle. The shaved areas dry out and tend to inflammatory processes that accelerate skin aging. Good face cream for men, therefore, also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The differences show that facial care products for men must be formulated differently than products for women. In addition to the biological differences, subjective taste sensations play a role. Men don't like it when their care products are heavily perfumed, and they appreciate a dull, non-shiny complexion. Women, on the other hand, prefer creams that conjure up a glow effect on their skin.

Do men even need facial care? 

There still seem to be men who believe that a real man only leaves soap and water on his face. But they are increasingly the minority. And women certainly see it differently: they prefer well-groomed men. You don't need a toolbox of products or complicated care rituals for this. Above all, your facial care must be specially tailored to the needs of men's skin. It, therefore, makes no sense if you use your girlfriend's cream pot.

Interesting to know: How many men use facial care products?

In 2020, 5.4 million men were using face cream every day.

You can find more details on how often men use face creams in this statistic from Statista.

What skin types are there?

When it comes to skincare, you might have heard about different skin types. Companies advertise that specific face cream is particularly suitable for dry or blemished skin. Here you can find out what this is all about.

In advance, however, it is essential to know that the skin type is determined by your genes and depends on external factors (e.g., diet). Therefore, your skin type can change over time, and it is better to speak of a skin condition.

How do you recognize your skin type?

  • You can recognize normal skin by the fact that it has no abnormalities 
  • You can recognize dry skin by dry or even parchment-like areas on the face
  • You can recognize oily skin by the fact that the skin shines quickly and is prone to blemishes
  • You can recognize combination skin by the fact that the skin on the forehead, chin, and nose shows the characteristics of oily skin, while the rest of the facial skin is rather dry

If you want to learn more about this, you can find more information in the following section.

Normal skin in men

Normal skin means that the skin is in balance. Sufficient, but not excessive, sebum is produced. The pores do not clog, and the natural skin protection is intact. This preferred skin condition can change due to environmental influences, diet, and normal skin aging, which begins from the age of 25. Good moisturizing care is therefore also recommended for normal skin.

Dry skin in men

Dry skin occurs when the skin does not produce enough sebum. The lack of sebum leads to skin tension and cracks, itching, and redness. Men with dry skin need mild facial care products that provide the skin with sufficient oil and moisture. Skin cleansing also plays an important role. A facial cleanser that does not contain harsh surfactants is the best choice for dry skin. In addition to aggressive cleaning, hot water or dry heating air can also damage the skin. 

Oily skin and blemished skin in men

Oily skin produces too much sebum. Men with oily skin are prone to blemishes and breakouts. Oily, blemished skin is also promoted by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, intestinal flora disorders, hormonal changes, allergies, aggressive cleaning, or poor hygiene. A facial cleanser that removes excess sebum and facial cream for men with anti-inflammatory features effectively improves the complexion. It is also advisable to frequently wash pillows and towels. A change in diet also often has a positive effect on the skin. If the condition does not improve, a visit to the dermatologist is recommended. 

Combination skin in men

Combination skin is a condition characterized by oily skin and clogged pores in the forehead, nose, and chin areas. In contrast, the skin in the cheek area is normal to dry. As with generally oily skin, thorough, gentle cleansing of the face is advisable. The face cream must not clog the pores but must also protect against dryness. It sounds complicated, but it's not impossible.

What is good for men's skin?

Men's skin undoubtedly needs special facial care for men. The focus is on cleansing and care. You don't need a complex procedure for this. Find out what is vital for a fresh, pure complexion and how you can protect your skin from premature aging.

Facial cleansing 

The first step in your daily care routine is to clean your face. With cleansing, you remove dirt, pollutants, sebum, and dead skin cells. This way, you will prevent the pores from clogging and blemishes. The cleaning also prepares your skin optimally to absorb the active ingredients from your skincare cream. If you clean your face in the morning and the evening with a practical, gentle product such as the YUNOS Facial Cleanser, you support the regeneration of your skin as soon as you clean it. 


To retain its natural protection barrier, your skin needs sufficient moisture. You should therefore apply the cream to your face and neck after cleansing. With a face cream like the YUNOS Face Cream Men, you can quickly and easily supply your skin with everything it needs for a good moisture balance and prevent premature aging.

Protection against inflammation

Anti-inflammatory agents strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin, improve the complexion and relieve skin irritation caused by shaving. That's why they are found in every good face cream for men. The high-quality YUNOS Face Cream Men also score with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Anti-aging care

Good face cream for men contains ingredients that protect the skin from premature aging. However, it is not only the selection of the active ingredients that is decisive, but also their dosage. Without a sufficiently high dosage, you will not achieve the desired effect. The YUNOS Face Cream Men prevents wrinkles with high-dose active ingredients and softens existing wrinkles. 

You can find more about anti-aging in the section Anti-Aging Tips. 

Which ingredients belong in good men's care products?

With a large number of products and ingredients, it is not easy to keep track of things. Find out what matters and which ingredients strengthen sensitive skin. 

  • The essential ingredients in good facial care for men are moisturizing. In addition to hyaluronic acid, this also includes urea, glycerine, and aloe vera.
  • Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E are almost as important. They protect your skin from oxidative stress, which is a significant contributor to skin aging. 
  • High-quality vegetable fats and oils such as shea butter or macadamia oil, which make your skin supple, are also important.
  • Anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing ingredients with panthenol, Siberian ginseng, or squalane improve the complexion and reduce irritation caused by shaving.

The correct dosage of the active ingredients is crucial. A proven effective ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, which can bind 6,000 times more water than its weight, must be included in a sufficiently high dose to provide the desired effect. 

The increase in harmful environmental influences means that more and more men complain of sensitive skin and allergic reactions. What should you pay particular attention to with sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin and ingredients

A good product for sensitive skin does not contain any allergenic substances. These include numerous fragrances and preservatives. You can find information on this topic on the website of the DAAB (German Allergy and Asthma Association, Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund).

Mild care products are appropriate for sensitive skin. Ingredients such as panthenol, calendula, or aloe vera soothe the skin. Natural ingredients such as Siberian ginseng or allantoin have anti-inflammatory effects. Astringent ingredients such as skullcaps relieve discomfort on the skin.

Parabens, Silicones, and other potentially harmful substances to the skin have no place in care products. This is particularly true for sensitive, but of course, also for different skin types. 

Should you put lotion on your face every day?

Yes, you should. Your skin is exposed to many influences daily that are not good for it. It, therefore, makes sense to remove sebum, dirt, and pollutants from them twice a day and then apply the cream. Using lotion in the morning protects your skin from wind and weather, environmental pollution, and dry heating air. The skin's regeneration process is set in motion at night. The skin is supplied with more blood, the cells divide, and the metabolism runs at full speed. A good reason to apply the lotion again in the evening.

Anti-aging tips for men

The natural aging process of the skin cannot be completely stopped, but you can keep a well-groomed appearance into old age. For this, your skin needs a lot of moisture from the age of 30 at the latest. Regular creaming with an anti-aging face cream for men, which contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, helps.

  • Antioxidants protect you from free radicals. Free radicals are aggressive oxygen molecules that contribute to the degeneration of cells, inflammatory reactions, and aging processes, among other things. The body itself produces free radicals with every metabolic process, but small amounts do not cause harm. However, since external triggers such as UV radiation, radioactive radiation, air pollution, heat, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and other environmental toxins also contribute to the formation of free radicals, larger amounts can arise that trigger so-called oxidative stress. Nowadays, your skin is more or less constantly exposed to free radicals, which damage it in several ways and promote skin aging. Therefore, it is vital to supply the skin with antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, or E, which protect against oxidative stress.
  • Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous component of the connective tissue. It can bind moisture. If the natural occurrence of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases with age, the skin appears less plump and taut, and the first wrinkles become noticeable. Then at the latest, it makes sense to supply the skin with an extra portion of hyaluronic acid.

    There are two types of hyaluronic acid. Although the high-molecular hyaluronic acid forms a moisturizing film, it remains on the skin’s surface and only cushions the skin for a short time. The low-molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate deep into the skin and store moisture in the skin over the long term. You can only achieve a real anti-aging effect with a face cream that also contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid.

    You can take hyaluronic acid as a supplement to your face cream in the form of capsules. The Hyaluron Plus capsules from YUNOS contain 350 mg of low-molecular hyaluronic acid with optimal bioavailability and are also enriched with biotin, vitamins C and E, and Siberian ginseng.
          • UV protection is essential because UV light makes a decisive contribution to skin aging. Excessive sun exposure leads to wrinkles, pigment spots, and other light-induced skin damage. Therefore, sun protection with a sufficiently high sun protection factor is an important weapon in the fight against akin aging
          • Peelings stimulate blood circulation, remove old flakes of skin and stuck dirt. Your skin looks much fresher and smoother after a peel. So treat it to a peeling once a week, an extra effort that is visibly worthwhile


              Men's skin is more robust than women's skin, but it certainly benefits from regular care with products that have been specially formulated for men. Facial care for men doesn't have to be more expensive than brushing your teeth. Good face cream and a skin-friendly facial cleanser are sufficient for daily face care.