The Differences Between Men's and Women's Skin

Die Unterschiede zwischen Männerhaut und Frauenhaut

Men's skin also needs care. However, it differs from women's skin, which is why it requires special care products for men. But what exactly is the difference between men's and women's skin?

Gender-specific, hormonal differences between men and women also influence the structure of the skin. To get more information about the differences in skin texture, scientists from the University of Hamburg conducted a study on 150 male and 150 female participants, divided into five age groups, each with 30 people per gender. The subjects had healthy skin that was not damaged by frequent sunburn. The Hamburg study came to the following results.


Female skin under 50 years of age loses much more moisture than male skin of the same age. With increasing age, the water content no longer deviates so much from one another, since in men the loss of moisture increases from the fiftieth year onwards, while there is hardly any change in women.

Good hydration is essential to maintain an intact skin barrier and well-groomed skin. This prevents harmful substances from penetrating the skin.


Male skin has twice as much sebum as female skin. It is large-pored and oily and tends to blemish more often due to the influence of testosterone. In contrast to female skin, which becomes drier and brittle with age, the researchers found no decrease in sebum production in men.

A particularly rich care is therefore not necessary for men and may even be harmful, while women usually benefit from it.

PH value

The scientists also noticed a difference in the pH of the skin. With a pH of less than 5.0, the skin surface of men is more acidic than that of women. This creates a more stable protective acid mantle that human skin needs to protect the skin from bacteria, viruses and fungus.

It is therefore important to ensure that products for skin cleansing gently clean the skin so that the acid-base balance of the skin is not disturbed and the acid protective layer is not strained as far as possible.


Male skin is firmer than that of women and remains wrinkle-free for longer, but wrinkles are usually more pronounced in men than in women. The reasons for this are the different collagen content and the collagen structure. Collagen is connective tissue fibers made of protein that support the skin cells. They give the skin the necessary elasticity and stability. The extremely tensile and only slightly stretchable fibers are networked with each other in men, while they lie parallel in the female skin. Because of this and because of the ability of collagen to bind a lot of moisture, men's skin is firmer.

In skin care for men, hyaluronic acid supports the firmness of the skin, since it improves moisture retention and stimulates collagen development.

Hair growth

The more intensive hair growth is also typically male. Up to 30,000 hairs grow in the beard zone. The male sex hormone androgen makes hair thicker, while testosterone is responsible for strong beard growth. But the daily shave strains the male skin. The sharp blades leave micro-lesions on the surface of the skin and attack the protective acid mantle. The shaved areas dry out more and germs quickly lead to inflammation, which accelerates the cornification and aging of the skin.

In addition to the right shaving technique and suitable shaving accessories, good care that has an anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect on the skin can solve this problem specific to men.

Only water and soap was yesterday, but men should better keep their hands off creams for silky, soft female skin. Creams for female skin are in most cases too fatty. They unnecessarily strain and over-grease the male skin and clog the pores. Men need moisturizing and anti-inflammatory products to take care of their skin. Only facial creams for the cold season may contain more lipids. Also advisable are special care products for men, which soothe irritated skin after shaving and compensate for the loss of moisture caused by shaving. For skin cleaning, men should rely on mild products that do not harm the protective acid mantle. We are happy to advise you in our chat when it comes to choosing the right products for your skin.