Mindful Running

Achtsames Laufen - Mindful Running

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness involves more than just attention. Mindfulness is a state of special consciousness where you not only in the moment and consciously perceive the moment. To be mindful means to be wide awake in the mind and to focus attention on the present experience, without - contrary to concentration - focusing on a certain object and thereby excluding the rest of the world. Mindfulness has room for the fullness of your perception. You respect the moment, but without evaluating it. This creates a liberating distance to your own feelings and thoughts, solves inner problems, helps you to accept yourself and your surroundings, in order to achieve more satisfaction and joy in life.

Mindful everyday life

The mindfulness teaching has its origin in Buddhism. Mindfulness practice has been taught in the Western world since the 1970s, but also independently of the religious substructure in behavior therapy or simply as part of a healthy lifestyle. Does your everyday life run on autopilot? You get up, you take a shower, thinking about the appointment in the office, the argument with your girlfriend, but you hardly notice how good the water feels on your skin. In our accelerated world, many people are constantly absent with their thoughts, linger in the past or in the future, create problems in their heads and sink into mental chaos. If you are mindful, however, you are fully there. You observe your feelings and consciously register them. This helps you to recognize your automatic thinking and behavior patterns. This gives you the opportunity to change them and protect yourself from thoughtless action impulses. The result is a more relaxed handling of stress, the possibility to process conflicts differently and the ability to consciously perceive and enjoy the beautiful moments in life. You can learn mindful behavior, there are numerous books, but also courses and videos on the Internet.

Mindful running

Walking meditation is widespread in Buddhist meditation practice. When walking mindfully, the path is the goal. You perceive nature differently, the rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, the sun's rays on the skin, if you walk mindfully. Every step you take consciously calms your thoughts. Mindful running has the same effect. Running is quite rightly popular as a sport among men, because running regularly is good for physical health. If you run carefully, you will experience that running can put you in a meditative state of inner clarity. So movement is actually the best therapy, not only for your body, but also for your mind.

Practical tips

Before the actual training, it is important that you relax, listen to yourself, ask yourself how your body is feeling right now. Close your eyes and walk from your feet to your head. Try to relax further with each exhalation. Pay attention to your thoughts too, let them come and let them go again. For this you can sit on a bench or in the grass or lean against a tree. Then position yourself, pay close attention to how you stand, take three deep breaths and let it go. While you are running, do not hear any music and do not think about what you have to do after running, but linger for the moment, pay attention to your breath, your body sensations and consciously feel the ground under your feet. You can also pay attention to the surroundings and pay attention to the colors and sounds of nature. You run calmly and evenly. It's not about running as fast and as far as possible. Your goal is to perceive and enjoy the run with alert senses.

This may not be easy for you at first. Humans are used to evaluate every charm, every impression immediately and to put it in a drawer. Whoever runs mindfully becomes an observer, perceives everything and accepts it as it is. In the long term, this leads to more serenity in dealing with yourself and others and strengthens concentration.
However, many use sport above all to exhaust themselves, to let off steam, deceleration is rather a foreign word for them. To get started with another way of running, it can be helpful to support the process through the power of nature, for example with the help of a CBD oil. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD can help you relieve tension and reduce inner restlessness, making it easier for you to engage in a new experience.

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